5-9 Oct 2015 Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire (04870) (France)

Last News ...

09/03/2016 Proceedings papers are now online and are also available on ADS.

07/01/2016 Links to videos (mp4) and slides (pdf) have been inserted in the conference program page. Also posters (pdf) are available at the end of the conference program. You can download the Abstracts Booklet (talks and posters). Enjoy !

10/10/2015 Many thanks to all participants for this excellent week ! 


Proceedings:  We plan to publish proceedings of the conference in January 2016. The proceedings will be available online on the OHP website, and will also be referenced on ADS. We have prepared a simple LaTeX template that you can download to prepare your paper. Papers should be sent to ohp2015@sciencesconf.org before Dec. 22, 2015.


Informations for the speakers: 

  • Time is kept for questions after each talk. Therefore the 15, 25 and 45 min timeslots correspond to talk+questions of 12+3 mn / 20+5 mn / 40+5 mn, respectively.
  • Slides: A Win-7 laptop with Powerpoint will be available for the speakers. Speakers with PC should put their presentation on an USB-key and rather do their talk from the Win-7 laptop we provide. We also have a small switch to easily switch from that PC to a Mac, if you want to do the presentation from your personnal Mac. The switch has VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs - don't forget your Mac adapter. Speakers are asked to keep a copy of their presentation on an USB-key (to save time if the presentation finally has to be done from the PC laptop). Please check during the coffee break before your session that everything is OK with your presentation - contact the LOC or the chair of your session. Thank you!

Posters: max size is A0  (841 by 1,189 millimetres, or 33.1 in × 46.8 in).  Poster authors have an opportunity to present their poster in a 2-minutes-2-slides talk during the Poster snap-shot sessions. Please give us an USB-key with your slides in advance !

Conference dinner: The conference dinner will be held at the Golf du Luberon in Pierrevert, near Manosque. The Menu is avaible in french and in english. An alternative vegetarian menu is proposed too. A close-up magician will be here too! The price is 30 euros per participant, and 53 euros per accompanying person, to be paid in cash at OHP at the beginning of the conference week. To register for the dinner, please send an email to Nathalie Bressand, specifying the number of persons and menu (main or vegetarian).  Note also that we will fully organise the transport to the restaurant: After the excursions, a bus will drive you to your hotel, and will pick up you later to go to the restaurant. 

OHP 2095 (not 2015!) Conference game: Submit your abstract for the OHP 2095 conference 'A century of exoplanets' organized Tuesday after the talks !

Excursions: Have a look to the excursions we propose on wednesday afternoon (registration for the excursions will be done at the beginning of the conference week).

Accommodation: Accommodation inside the Observatory during the conference is fully booked. See the list of hotels to book your hotel asap. The Hotel Restaurant l'Observatoire in St-Michel-l'Observatoire is fully booked too.

Registration and abstract submission are closed. We are sorry that no refund will be possible after Sept. 18th in case of cancellation.



Second announcement - April 1st, 2015


Twenty years after the discovery of 51 Peg-b, hundreds of giant exoplanets have now been identified with several of them deeply characterized, from both ground- and space-based observations. Radial velocity and photometric surveys have considerably changed our vision of gaseous planets, and the emerging capabilities of direct imaging, astrometry and spectroscopy of atmospheres provide precious new parameter space. Fundamental properties of giant exoplanets are now measured with increasing precision, offering unprecedented constraints on formation and evolution scenarios. Moreover, numerous observational constraints have lead to considerable improvements on the modeling of their internal structure, dynamics, and interactions. 

The Colloquium ``OHP-2015’’ will be hosted to review all observed characteristics of giant gaseous exoplanets, from 51 Peg-b up to distant giants including Jupiter-like exoplanets, and all related theoretical works. We propose to discuss the key questions regarding giant planets and how to solve them in the coming years, exploring the synergies between current and new facilities, and confronting the predictions of theories. 

Main topics of this colloquium include: 
- transiting giant exoplanets 
- jupiter-like planets from long-term radial velocity surveys 
- directly imaged planets 
- atmosphere characterization 
- internal structure modeling 
- dynamics of systems, link from observations to theory 
- formation and migration scenarios 
- star-planet interactions in transiting systems: tides, irradiation 

Confirmed invited speakers: 

  • Roi Alonso
  • Andrew Cameron
  • Gael Chauvin 
  • Rebekah Dawson
  • Nadine Nettelmann
  • Rosemary Mardling 
  • Michel Mayor
  • Marshall Perrin
  • Don Pollacco 
  • Ignas Snellen 
  • Alessandro Sozetti


Students and post-docs are encouraged to participate and contribute their work, and can apply for a financial support (see the registration page). The SOC will award the grants by the end of June.

The Observatoire de Haute Provence is located in southern France, near the village of Saint Michel l'Observatoire. It is the discovery place of 51 Peg b in 1995 with the ELODIE spectrograph. The 193-cm telescope is now equipped with SOPHIE, which carries a large contribution to the exoplanet studies.


Important dates and contact

  • First announcement: 29 September 2014
  • Second announcement: 1 April 2015
  • Abstract submission deadline:  20 June 2015
  • Pre-registration deadline: 10 July 2015
  • Registration deadline: 15 August 2015
  • Colloquium: 5– 9 October 2015
  • Proceedings publication: 15 January 2016

Contact : ohp2015@sciencesconf.org



Science OC

  • R. Alonso
  • I. Boisse (chair)
  • F. Bouchy
  • D. Fabrycky
  • K. Heng
  • J. Laskar
  • M. Mayor (co-chair)
  • I. Snellen
  • A. Sozzetti
  • S. Udry
  • A. Vigan
  • P. Wheatley  
  • J. Wright

Local OC

  • L. Arnold
  • F. Bouchy
  • N. Bressand
  • M. Deleuil
  • O. Demangeon
  • A.-M. Galliano
  • A. Laloge
  • A. Le Van Suu
  • J.-P. Payan
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